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  1. Henry Kelly. What a Henry Kelly.

    Henry Kelly. What a Henry Kelly.

  2. capnmariam:

    Fact: Scott Simpson (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) tells some of the best tiny stories.

  3. Soccer is about to explode in America, and the U.S. soccer team is an indie band right before they break out. It’s hipster patriotism.
    Will Leitch, on the state of soccer in the U.S. during this World Cup.  (via parislemon)




  5. An Honest Liar Trailer


  6. CAFFEINE TIME! (at Sosh)

    CAFFEINE TIME! (at Sosh)

  7. Current status. #thelovers #thedreamers #andme

  8. The line for vinyl. The Lionel. #recordstoreday (at Amoeba San Francisco)

    The line for vinyl. The Lionel. #recordstoreday (at Amoeba San Francisco)

  9. The crisis we’re seeing is the result of decades of choices, and while the tech industry is a sexy, attention-grabbing target, it cannot shoulder blame for this alone.

    Unless a new direction emerges, this will keep getting worse until the next economic crash, and then it will re-surface again eight years later. Or it will keep spilling over into Oakland, which is a whole other Pandora’s box of gentrification issues.

    The high housing costs aren’t healthy for the city, nor are they healthy for the industry. Both thrive on a constant flow of ideas and people.

    How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) | TechCrunch

    Wonderful article by Kim-Mai Cutler giving a deep history of how we ended up with the SF housing issues we have. Tying in the threads between Google buses, direct democracy, corporate tax breaks and the shooting of George Moscone & Harvey Milk.