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  1. CAFFEINE TIME! (at Sosh)

    CAFFEINE TIME! (at Sosh)

  2. Current status. #thelovers #thedreamers #andme

  3. The line for vinyl. The Lionel. #recordstoreday (at Amoeba San Francisco)

    The line for vinyl. The Lionel. #recordstoreday (at Amoeba San Francisco)

  4. The crisis we’re seeing is the result of decades of choices, and while the tech industry is a sexy, attention-grabbing target, it cannot shoulder blame for this alone.

    Unless a new direction emerges, this will keep getting worse until the next economic crash, and then it will re-surface again eight years later. Or it will keep spilling over into Oakland, which is a whole other Pandora’s box of gentrification issues.

    The high housing costs aren’t healthy for the city, nor are they healthy for the industry. Both thrive on a constant flow of ideas and people.

    How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) | TechCrunch

    Wonderful article by Kim-Mai Cutler giving a deep history of how we ended up with the SF housing issues we have. Tying in the threads between Google buses, direct democracy, corporate tax breaks and the shooting of George Moscone & Harvey Milk.

  5. How would *you* fight some underwater monkey babies riding a horse, armed with tridents, who are on a giant trampoline during a lightning storm?

    How would *you* fight some underwater monkey babies riding a horse, armed with tridents, who are on a giant trampoline during a lightning storm?

  6. Smirnoff now makes Iced Cake Vodka, Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka, and Cinna-Sugar Twist Vodka, so when it’s your turn to be Drinks Mom at soccer practice, you know where to start.
  7. This is not “reverse discrimination” or “bullying”

    There has been a lot of pushback of this kind on twitter, with a lot of ridiculous hypotheticals. I don’t know how many times we have to say this, and in how many ways, but here are some: calling you a jerk for your belief that I am sub-human is not the same as you believing I am sub-human in the first place. Your freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences of that speech. There is no right to not be offended by things. Your religious expression is not more important than my equal rights, and in any case my having equal rights does not affect your ability to express those beliefs. Taking away your privilege is not equivalent to oppressing you. It’s not bullying. An adult punching a three year old is bullying; it’s not bullying if the three year old punches back. Power matters, and until very recently you had all of it, and you still have more than your share.

  8. This internship is unpaid, but interns will receive school credit and unlimited Pepsi products during their internship. Interns will also have the opportunity to take three (3) selfies with Beyoncé over the course of the internship.
  9. On Saturday, Nov. 30, the hackers had set their traps and had just one thing to do before starting the attack: plan the data’s escape route. As they uploaded exfiltration malware to move stolen credit card numbers—first to staging points spread around the U.S. to cover their tracks, then into their computers in Russia—FireEye spotted them. Bangalore got an alert and flagged the security team in Minneapolis. And then …

    Nothing happened.

  10. It lives on not just because it made history as the first obstruction call ever to end a postseason baseball game. (And there have been 1,406 of them.)

    It lives on not just because the winning run — the run that caused the scoreboard to read: “Cardinals 5, Red Sox 4” — was scored by a man (Craig) who never touched home plate.

    It lives on not just because it might have been the most confusing finish to any World Series game in history.

    No, it lives on because this, ladies and gentlemen, was the end of an era.

    What this really was, when you think it through, was the Last Great Umpiring Call (or Calls) of the Pre-Instant Replay Era, the technology which — beginning in 2014 — will permeate the lives of every umpire who ever sets foot on a major league field from now on.